Frequently Asked Questions


You can download the resource pack by joining the server and typing /rp in the chat.
If you have issues check out our resource pack page.

To listen to park audio simply type /audio while in the game!

Of course! Use /server to change which server you are playing on.
You can also use /find PLAYER to see what server your friend is on.

Our server's economy is focused on experiencing our many rides and attractions. Each of our rides will give you varying amounts of pennies, depending on the length of the ride & your rank.

64 pennies = 1 Gold Castle
16 pennies = 1 Flynn

To convert your coins type /cointrade into chat.

Typing /ec in chat will open your virtual enderchest and allow you to store up to 27 more unique items! Additionally, you can purchase backpacks by typing /warp storage These will help you store even more of your souvenirs from around the resort.

/WARP | Quick access to attractions
/RP | Enable our resource pack
/AUDIO | Listen to the sounds of the park!
/TRADE | Make a trade with another player
/TPA | Request to teleport to a friend
/MSG | Private message other players
/IGNORE | Ignore a player who may be bugging you
/EC | Access additional storage!
/VOTE | Vote for the server and get perks!
/INVSEE | Take a look at other people's inventory
/DISCORD | Join our discord
/DISCORDSYNC | Sync your discord with the server
/BUY | Access our premium shop!


IMAGINEER | Builders & Developers of the server
MANAGER | Community manager who oversees events & staff
DEVELOPER | Helps with the engineering of the server
CASTMEMBER | Help with moderation
TOUR GUIDES | Give guest tours and help with moderation


INFLUENCER | Rank reserved for social media influencers on the server
CLUB 33 | Top donator rank with the most added perks
D23 | Donator rank with additional perks
PASSHOLDER | Donator rank with additional perks
GUEST | The default rank for all guests

Want to purchase a rank? Click here.


Once at a ride entrance, walk through the queue and be sure to step on the wooden pressure plates. The ride vehicle should appear, then simply right click to hop into a seat!

Make sure to look at the words above the queue, there should be a countdown. If that is not present, make sure you have stepped on the wooden pressure plates that let the ride know you’re there. If all else fails, let the staff know in the #support channel on Discord or in game.

Most rides who have fast passes in real life have them in game too! To use, walk up to a fastpass machine and right click, you should receive a physical fastpass. Head on over to the ride and right click the fast pass machine with the fastpass in your hand and it will direct you to loading station!

Our imagineers are hard at work bringing the entire Disney resort to life! Keep an eye on our Discord #announcements channel for announcements of upcoming ride openings.


Attaining a lightsaber is a multi-step process, only those who one with the force will be able to weild one.
Step 1 Attain a Lightsaber Hilt
Step 2 Attain a Kyber Crystal
Step 3 Build the Lightsaber


You must attain 5 saber parts to purchase a hilt. To get saber parts you must find hidden scan codes found around Galaxy's Edge When you find one, look at it and use /scan to scan it. There is an example QR code at /warp savi. There are 20 codes to find and each can only be scanned once. This will give you enough Saber Parts to buy all four Lightsaber Hilts.


Kyber Crystals can be purchased at /warp dok for 1 Flynn Token.
Have a Flynn token in your inventory and step on the wooden pressure plate inside the shop to receive a random color. Colors vary in their rarity, black is the rarest.


Right click on your Lightsaber hilt, this will allow you to place the kyber crystal into the center. Now press Q to activate your lightsaber. Congratulations, you've mastered the force!

Yes! Simply right-click the Lightsaber as if it were an empty Lightsaber Hilt and swap out the Kyber Crystal for a new one.

When two people are holding lightsabers you can injure eachother. You can change these settings via /settings


The only way to die on IF is by enabling Saber Death in /settings (disabled by default) and then being killed by another player. You do not lose any items or your ender chest when you die.

Submit an appeal on our appeals page. Our staff reviews appeals daily and will take action appropriately. If you have additional questions feel free to message a Cast Member on the Discord.

Was your question not answered?
Let us know on our Discord in #support and we will add it!